Mateus Soares Matias

La Di Da Dee in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

A photo essay about small businesses and they had to adapt during the Covid-19 worldwide pandemic.

Mateus Soares Matias
Small Business Name and Location: La Di Da Dee, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

  1. When I think about La Di Da Dee I hear beautiful relaxing songs that will make me feel comfortable while I am inside of the store and it’ll make me feel curious about the pieces that they are selling.
  1. When I think about La Di Da Dee I smell candles, especially lavender candles. The smell of lavender makes me so happy plus the aesthetic of the places looks even better.
  1. When I think about La Di Da Dee I see beautiful and comfortable clothes for women that have a really good quality. The Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater, the leather trousers, the jeans and the basic shirts remind me of a very elegant and sophisticated woman.
  1. When I think about La Di Da Dee I feel grateful for the people who are working and putting so much effort into the store, especially during these hard times. The sales aren’t as good as it used to be, and most of the people that go at the store will just pretty much take a look at the pieces and not buy anything, but still the workers are friendly and are always smiling.
  1. La Di Da Dee is important to my life because they sell unique clothes and accessories that you can’t easily find somewhere else, plus it’s a place where you can relax and have a good time since the people who work in there are friendly and professional. 
  1. Without La Di Da Dee it would be different how I would think about workers that are struggling after this pandemic. A close friend of mine works there and I was able to see how hard things have gotten and how much effort she’s been putting into work.

 I truly hope that La Di Da Dee will able to sell more in the future, and that the international borders could reopen soon since most of the customers are tourists from other countries. With the pandemic of Covid-19, people stopped traveling as well as spending money. So, my hopes for this future is that things could go back to “normal” eventually and that we could get rid of this virus, even if it sounds very unrealistic at the moment.