Chloe Gaget

Small Businesses and the store Impulse for Men, Westhampton Beach

A small business and how it has adapted during the Covid-19 worldwide pandemic.

Chloe Gaget interviews Liz, owner of Impulse for Men in Westhampton Beach about the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has had on her small business in 2020.

Chloe Gaget
Small Business Name and Location: Impulse for Men, Westhampton Beach

  1. When I think about Impulse for Men I hear…

I hear the owner’s voice welcoming the customers into the store and asking if they need help or have any questions about the clothing or inventory. I hear the loud beep of the scanner going off and the chime when the customer’s card is approved.

  1. When I think about Impulse for Men I smell…

I smell the glade plug in that fills the entire store. Anytime a new customer comes in they say it smells so good, even through their mask. 

  1. When I think about Impulse for Men I see…

I see the extremely intricately decorated window. The colors and styles that are trending or popular that season, are present. When I was at the store, there were Christmas decorations and lights all over, giving it that cozy and warm happy holiday feeling. 

  1. When I think about Impulse for Men I feel…

I feel comfortable when walking into this store. It’s a welcoming upbeat environment that has something for everyone. Although it’s a men’s store, there is something for everyone. Men’s and Women’s wallets, scarves,  and socks. 

  1. Impulse for Men is important to my life because…

This small business has been my part time job since I was fifteen years old. The owner, Liz, was someone I could talk to about anything and she would always support me. She was kind of like the cool aunt you wished you had growing up. She was even a personal reference on my new apartment application. 

  1. Without this small business it would be different how…

Without [Impulse for Men,] I definitely would’ve had more summer nights off, but I wouldn’t have had the support or made the friends that I did over the years of working there. Although it is only a part time job that I’m beginning to stop working at, I know I’ll always be welcome there and I’m able to go to her for anything I need. 

  1. What is your hope for this business in the future?

I hope that [Impulse for Men] will expand and be able to have the pop up shop over the summer that Liz has wanted to do for a long time. I also hope that she can figure out how to create a website and have a stronger social media presence. We’ve tried it before but social media and Liz do not get along.